Simo Puhakka: «We are ready and prepared for the European Championship»

- Interview
The Finnish driver is among the most prominent characters of this first part of the season and will aim for the final victory.

After taking home the WSK Super Master Series again, Simo Puhakka is looking forward to taking part in the weekend in Adria which opens his umpteenth top-level FIA season. A passion that knows no bounds that of Puhakka, one of the gentlemen of KZ, still able to win and know how to manage a weekend as protagonists.

The excellent performances leave no doubt, Puhakka will be competitive and will want to be competitive to bring home a European crown he aspires to according to his words. The pitfall of heat does not scare the Finn, now accustomed to the high intensity of a KZ that has changed its face but not the substance.

- You started very well in the first races of the year, do you feel ready for the fight of the European Championship?
«Yes, the start of the season went well, we took home the WSK Super Master Series title and we are ready and well prepared for the European Championship too».

- Do you think the great heat will have any effect on performance?
«The heat will certainly affect us, we know it but in the end it is the same condition for everyone».

- I wonder what you expect from this 2020 European Championship?
«Two victories! We will work and have worked for this and I hope that we will be able to bring home the title».

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