Luca Bosco is back on track for the KZ2 European Championship

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After a long wait, the time has finally come for the European KZ and KZ2 Championship on the Adria track!

Dealing with the months of lockdown was not easy, especially when many thought that the sporting season would probably be over even before it started. Fortunately and not without difficulty, we have reached the moment that all teams and drivers have been waiting for, namely the FIA-branded European Championship.

A moment a driver who has certainly surprised and amazed fans and insiders in his first races in KZ2 and who is ready to get down to business has always believed in. Luca Bosco will indeed be at the starting blocks of the 2020 European Championship with the colors of the Lennox Racing Charles Leclerc team. A source of pride for a driver who has made his dream come true, already cherished during the past season with his presence at the International Super Cup KZ2 in Lonato, closed prematurely due to an injury, then recovered with a final victory at the Rok SuperFinal Shifter Rok 2019. Bosco has shown that he knows how to grow and learn quickly in the premier class following the guiding light of Alessandro Manetti, an important figure for Bosco and for karting, one who certainly needs no introduction.

The transition to Birel Art material required a certain commitment and effort on Bosco's part, a driver who has already faced the first official outings and is preparing to experience the weekend at Adria, a well-known track that in the past saw him in the spotlight.

-Luca, after your debut last year, you are starting an FIA KZ2 European Championship right away. What are your feelings?
"I can say that I 'd have liked a little more time, unfortunately I only participated in 2 races this year ... but I feel good, I 'm confident."

-You're a new CL16 driver;  do you think it's the right material to bring home some good results?
"I 'm very happy with the material, and I hope to repay the people who have trusted me up to now."

-What was it like going back to racing after the lockdown period?
"Unfortunately I don't have many kilometers behind me due to the lockdown, but I trained a lot on a bicycle and with an athletic trainer to get ready for the appointment."

-Adria is a track you know well; what are your objectives?
“My goals for Adria? A podium! "

Thus the determination of one of the youngest drivers ever between KZ and KZ2 and the desire to do well immediately to pick up where he left off last season, Luca Bosco is thus ready to start pushing right from the start.

The weekend begins tomorrow with the first free practices and then we move on to official qualifying on Friday. Saturday 15 August will be the day dedicated to all the direct clashes and then the final phase is on Sunday 16 August.

More updates on the official Instagram and Facebook channels of Luca Bosco and Fast Lap Communication. Stay tuned.
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Press Release by: Fast Lap Communication - 12/08/20

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