Marijn Kremers returns to Adria to make the result

- Interview
The reigning World Champion after announcing his return to karting, is ready to battle in the Adria weekend.

Marijn Kremers will arrive as favorite once again in the starting blocks of the long awaited first round of the 2020 European Championship. A brand that could not be different given the title of World Champion obtained not even a year ago. The Dutchman will wear Ricciardo Kart colors but will obviously be driven by Birel Art material, safety in the hands of the Champion.

Kremers will do everything to expand the squad of the house from Lissone trying to undermine the top positions immediately, not an easy task given the fierce competition they have after increasing the level of the premier class.

- Marijn, what pushed you to return to KZ?
«With the pandemic and everything that has been going on this year my program got delayed and I did not want to go a year without racing. I spoke to TM engines and BirelART and together with Daniel Ricciardo my management Patrizicorse found a good program for me».

- You are the reigning World Champion, what goal do you have for 2020?
«I'll be competing in the European Championship and the World Championship and my goal is as always to win. Obviously it will not be easy but I'm sure I have the equipment to fight for the podium places again straight away».

With this position, Kremers will make an appointment on the track starting tomorrow.

Photo: FM Images


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