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The Rotax-branded Euro Challenge gets to the heart with the battles of the day represented by the heats of each category.

Genk returns to the battles on Saturday ensuring a show and starting to "taste" what we will see tomorrow.

In DD2 the provisional domination is all under the Sebastian Janczewski brand thanks to three wins out of three heats available. The Polish driver did not leave room for his rivals who had to settle for the remaining positions starting from Silas Rytter (RS Competition) with a third, a second and a fourth place, third place for Nicolas Picot (Daems Racing Team) author of a second, a sixth and a fifth place. Tenschert (KSB Racing Team) and Machacek (Daems Racing Team) complete the top five.

Junior MAX
Among the Junior MAX drivers, Kai Riallerts (JJ Racing) maintains his good starting position obtained yesterday by winning two heats out of three this Saturday. Capital performance for the Belgian driver on his home track, behind him becomes dangerous Tim Gerhards (SP Motorsport) with a third, a second and a sixth place overall, third Marcus Luzio (Dan Holland) with a fifth place followed by a seventh and a second place. A little further back we find Eliska Babickova (Tepz Racing Team) and Farin Megger (Kartschmie.De).

Master MAX
A smooth course for Christophe Adams with three wins out of three heats available starting from pole position. Followed in second and third place by Slawomir Muranski (46 Team) and Rudy Champion (PKS Competition) in any case positive. Fourth Becker (RS Competition) and fifth the teammate Rumpelhardt (RS Competition).

Micro MAX
Even among the smallest, domination is the constant of the day. Max Sadurski also wins three out of three ahead of Mees Houben (GKS Lemmens Power) and Scott Marsh (Dan Holland Racing). Fourth and fifth place for Hoogendoorn (SP Motorsport) and Menten.

Mini MAX
Reno Fernon Francot (GKS Lemmens Power) proves to be the man to beat in the Mini MAX with three wins out of three heats ahead of team mate Taym Saleh (GKS Lemmens Power) and Mateja Radenkovic (Bouvin Power). Fourth Staut and fifth Lenaerts for tomorrow's race.

Senior MAX
The long-awaited Senior MAX closes the day's program with the great showdown of Mathilda Olsson (Strawberry Racing), author of two wins and a third place, enough to keep a great first position overall. Luca Leistra's pace (Bouvin Power) also did well with two second places and a victory, closing the virtual top three Dylan Lahaye (GKS Lemmens Power) with a win to his assets. Fourth and fifth starting box for tomorrow assigned to Butcher (KR Sport) and Robinson (KR Sport) both authors of a success.
Photo: Matteo Segato

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