Rafael Camara returns to Europe to resume the season

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The fear of the global pandemic limited the continuation of the 2020 season in a non-indifferent way. Despite the months of stop and the difficulty in moving between nations, Rafael Camara returned to Italy to pick up where he had forcibly interrupted a few months ag

The Forza Racing driver is ready to have his say in the double weekend of the Super Master Series where he will start from the last weekend not lucky for him but ready for redemption.

Here is the program of the week:
Monday, June 29th: Free practice, Scrutineering.
Tuesday, June 30th: Warm-up Rd.3, Qualifying Rd.3, Heats Rd.3;
Wednesday, July 1st: Warm-up Rd.3, Heats Rd.3;
Thursday, July 2nd: Warm-up Rd.4, Qualifying Rd.4, Heats Rd.4;
Friday, July 3rd: Warm-up Rd.4, Heats Rd.4;
Saturday, July 4th (in Live Streaming): Warm-up Rd.3, Prefinals Rd.3 at local 11:50 Finals Rd.3, Prize Ceremony from 14:30.
Sunday, July 5th (in Live Streaming): Warm-up Rd.4, Prefinals Rd.4 at local 11:50 Finals Rd.4, Prize Ceremony of the race and Championship from 14:30.

Credits: Mario Perrucca


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