The Day After - Ronni Sala talks about Phase 2 of Birel ART

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Just over a month has passed since the signs of the Birel ART factory were turned on again in Lissone, two months after the stop caused by the Covid-19 emergency.

After the reopening of the offices, the manufacturing department also resumed its activities and so the long-awaited "Phase 2" can also be said to have started for karting.
Can we talk about a "new" way of karting? Let's find out what the President of Birel ART, Ronni Sala, thinks.
 How did the so-called "Phase 2" of motorsport for Birel ART begin?
“Fortunately well. We have been working at full speed since the end of the lockdown, so much so that the business plan of the coming months reassures us. However, it will be essential to monitor the situation not only in the karting sector, but in general as regards the society in which we live. This emergency has changed the face of the whole world, and this will inevitably be reflected in our sector.”
We found ourselves faced with a global "crisis", not only on an economic level but also and above all on a social and human relations level. Projecting this statement on karting, in your opinion which sector will suffer most, the sales or the racing sector?

“It's difficult to say. We're talking about two closely related realities. Let me explain: if the tracks don't reopen, sales are low. At the same time, if the races are not run, the racing sector is affected. Fortunately, after the reopening of the circuits, we're close to the restart of the competitive season. In both cases, however, the crisis has forced some to put aside karting at least for the time being, both as a hobby and as a competitive activity. To what extent? Impossible to say now; it will be easier to measure the drop from September onwards.”
Karting is not a basic necessity, but at the same time it seems that a karter cannot help but race. Did you receive material requests during the lockdown period?
“The statement is correct and yes, during the lockdown we received requests for material from people who had stopped practicing the discipline before the pandemic. This makes us perceive the charm and passion that our sport arouses in people.”
Is it correct to say that karting has changed forever?

“In my opinion, it's people who have changed. This pandemic has changed the routine, sometimes even the way of thinking of the community, therefore also of generating consumption. Still, I don't agree with the assumption that karting has changed forever; on the contrary. Except for the use of precautions, the passion, the desire to win and the professionalism of people are unchanged.”


Created by: scorradengo - 19/06/20

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