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Considering all the months of stoppage, the return to the track in what is now a different scenario is certainly something to be documented.

Many and much too many days spent far from the track, a condition that we have had to face because of a bigger situation than us that - step by step - seems to be returning to normal.
In short, the lack of being at the track whether you are a driver, a mechanic, a team manager, a photographer, a journalist, a staff member or a simple enthusiast, has certainly made itself felt, especially in a world like karting that lives weekend after weekend almost uninterruptedly.

Regarding our return to the track a few days ago, we thought of documenting this return to track facilities by bearing witness to the news, the things that have not changed and those that will aim to become a new habit, a new routine.

At first, the day before, the actual idea of ​​going to the track seems almost "absurd" after the many weekends spent at the simulator, in front of the TV, and with nothing that makes noise. A feeling of freedom or better of the recovery of normality that was taken away from us at the end of February. Once on the track, you realize how strange and almost crazy it is to see just a "few close friends" exclusively on the list at the entrance gate. Few people also present in a spooky paddock with three top teams present and some private ones who taste the asphalt after some time. Obligation to wear masks and disinfectant gels at strategic points are just some of the new features to get used to, without forgetting the differentiated entrance and exit from the parc fermé reserved only and exclusively for professionals, even more than before. Conversations and coffee at a distance, briefings at the appropriate points, a different way of working that someone finds even more functional. Despite the changes imposed by the period, the air you breathe is the same as on the first day of school, you find your friends, greet acquaintances breathing a sigh of relief but without forgetting that the danger has not yet passed. To conclude, we can say that we have started again – or almost - but not from where we left off, but from the start as a new beginning of the season no longer in January but in June ...

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Created by: scorradengo - 16/06/20

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