Return to the track, the approach

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Although the COVID-19 emergency has not yet completely gone off, the return to the tests on the track is more and more frequent!

After the months of the lockdown, there is a glimpse of light for the return to the track in a normal way. The first official race marked FIA is more or less a month away but there are many drivers who are ready to go back on track. Since the beginning of the emergency, we have tried to stay close to you, telling you about karting as always, but without neglecting the latest news on the pandemic.

To change this trend and think positively here we ask you to send us your on-board videos or photos of your return to the track with all the news represented by the safety measures.

You can send us your documentation by writing a message to our official Facebook or Instagram page or by using our email. Some of your testimonials will be protagonists of our possimo magazine!


Stay tuned!
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