Meik Wagner talks about the latest draft of the RMCET calendar

- Interview
Camp Company CEO Meik Wagner expressed his opinion on the Covid-19 emergency, which has made the organizer's job much more difficult than it normally is.

In particular, Wagner underlined how, in order to guarantee maximum safety, it will be necessary to increase the number of employees so all the rules imposed are indeed respected.

A new calendar draft was published some days ago. How difficult is it for an organizer to cope with a never-seen-before situation, such as the Covid-19 emergency?
It’s not easy, because of the current situation with the coronavirus. There will be more or less new information about the virus every day, which means we have to adjust. I hope we can stay with the last draft.

How is Camp Company working to guarantee safe races?
We are in contact with the different ASNs and follow also the rules for each country.
For us, it means that we'll need a bigger crew in the future, so we can follow all rules on the different tracks. We are prepared for all situations, but need also the understanding of parents, drivers and teams.  


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