Last layer for Franciacorta

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The construction work (including asphalting) for the new Brescia track are almost completed.

As soon as it was possible - that is, on easing the Covid-19-related restrictions – the work to complete the new Franciacorta track, the international-level kart track measuring 1,300 meters in length seeing the light in Castrezzato, in the province of Brescia, has started up again. In particular, the asphalting has been completed: it is indeed the third layer of asphalt, a choice made to ensure the maximum uniformity of its surface. The curbs have already been positioned and what remains are the finishing touches, such as the drawing of the starting grid and so on, while the re-asphalting of the paddock area is also to take place.

In short, the construction of the Franciacorta Karting Track - a circuit strongly desired by the Bonara family and designed by track engineer Leonzio of Studio Stlea - precedes at a fast pace and, if there are no particular hitches, such as adverse weather conditions, the plan is to open the circuit to kart drivers in mid-June for free practice. Other news, race calendar and so on, will also be available on the official website - - as soon as possible:


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