Borders open in June: the future of international competitions

- Opinion
In Italy, phase 2 of COVID-19 emergency has now come alive. Italy as other countries open their borders, what future do international competitions have?

It is still difficult to predict when we will return to the international competition but good news will probably come. The karting in Italy has already returned to the track but only for a few tests, however Italy is ready to reopen its border with Europe without subjecting those who will go to Italy to quarantine. An important step that will also be followed by countries like Germany, France and Austria among others.

The FIA ​​calendar specifically states the start of the European Championship in July in Sweden. A beginning that now seems more truthful but which above all opens up different scenarios for a probable review of the calendar that could be distorted or confirmed. What is difficult is that all the races are done in Italy as supposed by some members of the paddock, rather what will have to be verified is the possibility of all the drivers being able to actually leave their countries to get to the races.



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