Sweden is back on track, the opinion of Emil Skaras

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As we have described in the previous days, Sweden reopens to racing with a completely new model.

During the current weekend, on the Kristianstad track, Sweden embraces karting with the first race during the pandemic. In the previous days we have described the Swedish model created by Maptun Events and X Promotion, as one of the most innovative of recent times, especially considering what we are experiencing.

The four categories present (from 60 Mini to KZ) were divided into set days to prevent too many people from coming into contact. Something inevitable that, until now, with the limited number entry list seems to be working.

In this regard, we talked to the current European Champion, Emil Skaras, about this possibility.

- You're finally back on track, how are you feeling?
It's nice to go running again. We have been able to test throughout this time, but since all my material is in Italy, training has also been very limited.

- Do you think Sweden has found a good way to run despite the risk?
Yes, I really think so, I think it's a good way not to damage too much team/dealer in an economic way before we can go back to racing as usual.

- What is your goal for 2020 as soon as we can resume the season?
The goal for me this season is to take part in a GT series and get results. For the moment I stay in karting to train and have fun. Further on we will see whether to take part in other kart races.


Created by: scorradengo - 10/05/20

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