Motorsport remembers Villeneuve!

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The motorsport world remembers "the Aviator" 38 years after his death.

It was May 8, 1982 when Enzo Ferrari's diamond lost his life on the Zolder track during the qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix.

A tragic accident that of Villeneuve which deprived motorsport of one of the purest talents ever seen. With 6 wins out of 68 GPs played and 13 podiums, Villeneuve contributed to the victory of the World Title of Jody Scheckter in 1979, the best season lived by the Canadian driver.

What Villeneuve has left behind is that old-fashioned concept of motorsport. Experience racing and speed as few can understand, no calculation, no strategy but only winning as the main objective.

“I claim to always be the best, in everything. It's in my character. I'm not interested in a supporting role". Gilles Villeneuve.



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