How to return to competitions: the Swedish model

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Sweden returns to racing with a completely new model that limits the number of participants, the paddock and establishes the days of each competition, below a detailed explanation.

Sweden has always been a sort of exception in the management of this COVID-19 emergency. The country has respected other measures, albeit always of containment, but different from other European countries with convincing results. As for sport, it was reasonable to expect steps forward from Sweden itself, which this weekend is ready to host the first race under a pandemic regime with an avant-garde model, one other countries could certainly adopt.

To date, racing at the international level is difficult, hence the National Championships will act as lifeboats for many, teams, team drivers and sponsors, of course. The competition under consideration will be staged on the Kristianstad track, thanks to the organization "Maptun Events" and "X Promotions" who in just two weeks worked hard to put together a convincing model in compliance with the rules imposed.
We spoke to the representative of "X Promotions" and one of the main architects of this competition, namely Mikko Laine. In detail, the Finnish promoter and racing driver explained how the paddock, the real focal point, will be managed in order to return to the track, the paddock being the potential gathering spot. Laine and Kenneth Hildebrand (another important figure for the success of the event) are keen to let people know that this competition race has no status in or of any series. The main purpose is to safely organize a competition to keep motorsports alive and minimize all possible risks

Below is the model explained in detail:

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