Reopening of the circuits: what concrete measures?

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We've collected testimonials and impressions from track managers around the world for our special in the Vroom International May Issue.

Because if karting has to start again, it can only do so from the circuits, the beating heart of Racing, recreational and Rental activities. From the centers most affected by the emergency, such as China and the northern Italian regions to areas less affected by the epidemic but which have equally suffered and could suffer the consequences of a prolonged closure or a sharp downsizing of activities, we all wait for specific rules for this type of sports facility from the competent governing bodies to reach us.

“The biggest difficulties could be related to the management of the common spaces, for example in the paddock. We - we have a paddock of about ten thousand square meters at our disposal - will arrange for the occupation of alternate slots, that is, leaving the vans of drivers with their vehicles to occupy their assigned slots, always leaving an empty one in the middle.”
(Maurizio Pedrazzini - 7 Laghi Kart - International Circuit)
“The good thing is that our sport, being practiced outdoors, is among those that could start off more smoothly almost immediately. It's clear that the structures will obviously not be accessed without a mask, gloves and self-certification. A circulating hypothesis is that between June and July it could also start with the races: the main problem in this case, more than the track, is related to whether and how you can move between regions and nations. It should be borne in mind that most of the drivers who run in the series, such as WSK or others, are foreigners and the observance of any mandatory quarantines would completely distort the possibility for them to move and take part in the races ... “ (Mario Altoè - Adria International Raceway )

“To make people understand that we're on their side and that we all want the common thing: having fun in safety, not only on the kart but before getting on, and after getting on we have to make it clear that we're with them at all stages. This, of course, also applies to those who come to the track to try their own karts: keeping their distance, informing users through warning signs and dedicated posters, there are many things one can do and experts are needed to give us managers clear and easy-to-apply instructions.” (Raffaella Giacomini - Franciacorta Karting Track)
“It will certainly not be easy to face the first periods of re-opening ... but we want to hope that it will be a transitory period. Probably, for a while, it will no longer be possible to organize endurance races that work a lot with Rental but that, inevitably, create those gatherings that instead one is trying to avoid in this period.”
(Davide Dal Grande - Vicenza Kart Indoor)

“Our main problem is and shall be the paddock, which has always been the area where anyone, not just drivers, often has free access. It's an area teeming with life in every facility, both during the race weekend and during the free practice days. It will be our responsibility to manage it in light of this new situation.”
(Koen Lemmens - Genk kart track, Belgium)
“We have already started again here, adopting preventive measures imposed by the Government and the Ministry of Health, such as access to the system via QR Code (which the Ministry of Health provides citizens: without that, you cannot even enter the circuit) and integrating with those rules that make us and our customers, private drivers and Rental feel more at ease. Once we enter the circuit, we take care of the sanitization of the vehicles and of the external common areas every 3 hours and of the internal ones every hour during the opening, of the sterilization of all the material given on loan for rental such as helmet, rib guard and gloves. The obligations that we have included in the regulation are the obligation to sanitize one's hands before using the gloves, that of wearing the mask under the helmet (together with the disposable balaclava) when you do not use your own helmet and we have also foreseen the sale at the racing gloves circuit at 50% discount for those wishing to buy them, so as to have their own pair also in anticipation of the return to the track.”
(Vica Chong - Nanning International Kart Circuit, Guangxi, China)
“As a category, we don't fall into any decree, and our employees are all hanging on the thread of hope, with no income for now that the track is closed ... .. Anyone who comes to us knows that a kart or motorcycle that doesn't comply with the standards doesn't go on the track, the private individuals without technical clothing doesn't run, if he has improper behavior he is chased out and can no longer return. In a state of intoxication or other things he does not go on track. We have tried to create a small Eden where you can have fun in peace, adults and kids, privates, rental agents or even simple visitors. Everything is always clean and organized in detail. In our small way, we can ask people to come to us only if in excellent health without flu symptoms, even if the asymptomatic would remain a potential problem. Here in our area, we are already lucky to have no cases of Covid 19. Personally, I see things as being really difficul: we hope they don't invent some strange restrictions because in that case we would not be able to go on.” (Sara Iscaro - Kartdromo Iscaro - Avellino)

The full service is in the May issue of Vroom International Magazine.

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