The evolution of Rental world with Mr. Guillaume Bréard

- Paddock
The Birel ART Rental Sales Manager Guillaume Bréard explained us the evolution of the rental market.

Guillaume Bréard is the new Rental Sales Manager of Birel ART. The crisis in the competitive sector, the recent developments linked to Covid-19 and the advent of the electric sector are shaping the rental sector.

Fast, as similar as possible to competition karts and within everyone's reach: this is the winning recipe for rental. Let's see how Birel ART faces this challenge thanks to Bréard's words.

«Sport and rental in the karting market are two different businesses, of course, but totally linked. At Birel ART, the rental kart is totally derivative from our competition one, but it has its own department including its assembly line and workers. For us, the rental market is a big visibility as every track in the world can have a rental fleet».

«In the last decades the market has changed a lot. Nowadays, a rental kart is not only a very hard chassis, with very hard tires and a very long-use engine. It has a lot professionalized».

And about the Covid-19 related to Rental Market?

«Of course, the Covid emergency affects a lot the rental market, the karting in general and more generally the sport. For our business, the factory was closed as well as almost all the karting tracks in the world. We do our best to keep contact with our customers and also continue prospecting» [...]
The complete interview will be published in the next issue of Vroom Karting Magazine.


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