Lockdown - Are track training sessions back?

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This phase of the lockdown, in some countries seems to be approaching a less restrictive phase. Will we really go back to sport?

The whole world is dealing with coronavirus which, in some parts of the world, seems to tend to slow down its run at least in part and in the near future.
What happens in sport?
Sports such as tennis, athletics and probably also football will be left "free" but, inevitably, always and exclusively with new safety standards (eg gloves and masks). This will happen in many European countries, not in the immediate but in the short term. No news for motorsport or at least no official but it is reasonable to expect to be able to return to the track probably at least for the days of testing, important training for drivers and teams that have been stationary for too long. If this is granted it would be a great step forward and certainly would involve as many regulations. Staff downsizing? Track shifts and days on reservation? All possible scenarios.
What is certain is that the process appears rather long and to date leaves no room for international competition in the short term.
S.Corradengo (scorradengo@vroom.it)
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