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Not without great effort, everyone is now getting used to this forced lockdown. Staying away from the track is certainly difficult but there are those who deal with it in the right spirit, like Vicky Piria!

Since returning to single-seaters, we have listened to Vicky on our microphones several times, rediscovering the values ​​that led her to embark on this career path that now answers to the name of W Series. The all-female series promoted this past season met with great success, thanks to its thrilling races, its weekends of import and, above all, for all its many protagonists, including our Italian driver. With an excellent 2019, Vicky Piria managed to pick up where she left off to return to the top ranks. With ninth place in the general classification, the young Italian woman maintained her qualification to the Series, ensuring her place for the 2020 season. A season that, for obvious reasons, has not yet started, nor does any one know when it will. Regardless, Vicky's morale, like most other drivers, remains high, in our opinion the perfect attitude to fight the moment without losing that important ingredient that leads an individual to don one's helmet and racing suit: motivation.

Here, then Vicky's words on 2019, on the current situation and on the immediate future.

Vicky, before we talk about the future, let's take a step back. How did the first W Series season go and what was the best moment?
“All in all, the season was positive. I'm quite satisfied. I struggled a bit in the first few races and, unfortunately, with 6 races in 6 weekends there was not the right time to shake off the "rust" of the last few years. But, in any case, I finished ninth on equal points with eighth place and just off the top five overall, so I think the potential's there. I hope I can fulfill it this season ... or next!”

With what new awareness do you face your second year in the series?
“Certainly the awareness of knowing the car more; they've changed a lot in recent years just like the ideal drive has. So knowing all these things, including technical aspects such as tires, the system with which we run (gears, engine, chassis) will help.”

The virus has forced everyone to stay home. How are you coping as a driver?
“I'm dealing with it as I deal with everything, that is, with positivity and with the desire to keep going. I keep busy and I have to say that, in fact, days fly by. I train, trying to work on my weak points since I have the time to do so. I'm with my family, my dogs ... in sum, I keep busy. The important thing is keep working. Later, I hope to be able to organize myself even with a home simulator.”

Personally I believe that resuming international events quickly is a risk. We will probably have further postponements ... what's your viewpoint on all this?
“As big as the desire to start racing again is, there's the awareness that health comes first. The important thing is that when we start again, we'll do so with an equal situation, that is, where everyone can have the same safety conditions. For a championship, it would be unfair if some driver from some country still in difficulty can't reach the track or participate completely, if at all".

Are there workouts that you can do very well from home?
“Actually I can do almost everything, a little stretching, a few weights, the treadmill, so I can keep myself in shape. Obviously, unfortunately, you can't vary in the sense that you can't give the right rest to one muscle group rather than another because often the workouts are all the same. The impossibility of changing, however, doesn't hold me back too much. I can keep doing the usual training well.”

What advice would you give to all drivers like you forced to stay off the tracks?
My advice is simply to live day by day without thinking about when it'll start again because maybe we'd be disappointed with a distant date or things like that. Act in the day, do what it is that makes us drivers and better people by feeling good. To date, both mental and physical health are important!”

Hoping to see her back on track, Vicky Piria's attitude is to be considered as an example to return to motorsport soon.

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