CIK FIA: the season will start in July!

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The CIK FIA has issued a new draft calendar with a note published this morning, it also includes a location far from radars for several years now.

The Covid-19 emergency forced the CIK to completely revise its plans for the 2020 international season, which would start shortly in Spain, in Zuera, with the OK and OKJ European Championship.

The first race of the "new" calendar, scheduled in Wackersdorf from 28 to 31 May, has been moved to the weekend of 10 and 13 September. Same fate for the opening round of the KZ European Championship, in Genk, which will be held from 3 to 6 September. This is a consequence of the Belgian government provisions which prohibit sporting events until 31 August.

The KZ World Championship - originally scheduled for 13 September - has been moved to 4 October. The OK and OKJ World Cup, after the Brazilian flat rate, was moved to Portugal, in Portiamo in the days from 5 to 8 November.

However, CIK FIA reserves the right to change the calendar again in relation to developments related to the coronavirus emergency.

Here is the updated calendar draft:

FIA Karting OK/J European Championship

Round 1: Kristianstad, 9/12 July
Round 2: Zuera, 30 luglio 2 August
Round 3: Sarno, 21/23 August
Round 4: Wackersdorf, 10/13 September

FIA Karting OK/J World Championship

Portimao, 5/8 November

FIA Karting KZ/KZ2 European Championship & Academy Trophy

Round 1: Adria, 13/16 August
Round 2: Genk, 3/6 September

FIA Karting KZ World Championship, KZ2 Super Cup & Academy Trophy round 3

Lonato, 1/4 October


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