Focus: The Birel ART C28 S11 for Minikart

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A closer view to the latest Minikart from Birel ART, the C28 S11.

The number 11! The new Minikart from Birel ART for the CIK class 60 is a significant evolution of the previous C28 model, so much so that from the identification code S10 we switch to S11.

Basically it remains on the 8-curve configuration, with "double fold" of the side members at the height of the tank, but the geometries vary decidedly especially as regards the greater width of the front axle, together with a slightly narrower rear axle; while the wheelbase remains at 950 mm.

Going into detail, the C28 S11 also features new axle supports, in addition to the new Free Line fairings and the CX brake system with hydraulic control and 150 mm diameter disc. There is also the possibility of mounting additional bars both in front and behind.

The Birel ART for the Mini class will also benefit from the same innovations that in 2020 will caracterise the entire production of the brand from Lissone, in particular the graphic looks more elegant and more aggressive at the same time.
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