Eduardo Barrichello between KZ and single-seater!

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Eduardo Barrichello has recently challenged his father Rubens during the Florida Winter Tour on KZ branded Charles Leclerc!

For years now, the whole Barrichello family has been engaged in karting at 360 degrees. Rubens Barrichello took part in the Rok Superfinal several times, continuing to practice this discipline season after season with excellent results. Rubens' passion was passed on to his two sons Eduardo and Fernando, who are also involved in karting.

Eduardo spoke to our microphones about the race made for the first time in the same category as dad, the first appearance in KZ with the right competitiveness and the desire to learn that will lead him to the starting blocks of the USF2000 in a single seater.

Driving the most powerful kart is an experience that is not forgotten, driving among the best even more. Here are the words of Dudu Barrichello.

-For the first time you ran in the same category as your father, what did you feel?
It was great. I was learning every session from the best, and enjoying myself a lot.

- For the first time you did a race in KZ. What do you think of this category? Was it difficult to adapt?
The drivers in KZ are really good and have a lot of experience. But I adapted quite quickly. The race craft that the top guys have are amazing, and It was super hard to race against them, but It made me learn a lot.

- You were among the first to drive a Leclerc kart, how did you find it? You probably know Charles in person, what do you think of this project?
The chassis was good from the first session already and I felt very good with it. Great balance, and specially amazing traction. I met Charles, and I hope we could drive one day together. He is a very nice person, and for me, the quickest out there, same as his go kart!

- What will your 2020 be like? What races will you do and are you going to do karting races again?
In 2020 I'll be mainly focused in USF2000 with Pabst Racing, but still going to do some races in go karts with my CL chassis.

- What is the biggest lesson your dad gave you about motorsport?
I wouldn't say there is a biggest lesson because all I know Is really from him. But he always shiwed me that giving up will never be an option in anything I do in my life, and how focusing in right things is a really important thing.



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