Scott Lindblom, the heir of a racing family

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In times like these when racing is not possible, a good history of motorsport can be vital to continue believing in this discipline.

The story of the young Scott Lindblom has just started, the young Swedish driver is taking his first steps in the international categories, taking a path that has been marked for him since birth.
Scott's father, namely Jan Lindblom, began his sporting career as a 5-year-old motocross rider trying to follow in the footsteps of his own father, Christer Lindblom, a professional rider. After the first periods, Jan started his way in karting until he arrived in Formula Ford, Formula Opel as students, and later in the STCC (Swedish Touring Car Championship) in the period of great splendor,  the era of Super Touring 1999-2004.

With such a heritage, Scott could only but take the path of his father and grandfather. In fact, the little Swede has started his international career with the official CRG colors in the 60 Mini category.
Here are the first words of young Scott.
- Scott, are you ready for this season? What do you think about it?
"Yes, it will be an exciting year for me together with the CRG Team. I'm still only 9 and my first season in 60 Mini will be a learning year and next year I will set a different level of goals. But still, speed is already here and now and ready!"


- What have been your first results for now?
"In Sweden I'm the current and youngest MKR - as well as the Swedish Cup Champion in the Micro (Raket 95 engine) category. In the long run I will try to achieve the same internationally."
- Yours is a racing family; where does your passion come from?
"My grandfather was a professional motocross rider internationally, my father was a professional touring car driver. Motorsport is a way of life in our family. I don't know anything else. For me, Karting and Formula 1 is my life, passion and I only have one aim!"

Press Release by: Fast Lap Communication - 15/03/20

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