Happy Birthday Giancarlo Tinini!

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The Owner of CRG blows out 62 candles today. Let's go over some passages of our interview!

Born in 1958, Giancarlo Tinini is the "Man in Black" of the CRG house, with many successes and champions shaped over time. Tinini's footprint on the All Blacks universe has always been clearly visible and the story is destined to go on with yet more chapters. On the occasion of his birthday, Vroom Kart repeats some parts of the interview published in Vroom in June 2019.

Tinini defines the karting world with the example of a pyramid, underlining how important it is at all levels, not only international but, above all, the activities of the amateur levels, recreational karting, always a great focal point for any company.

"One of the easiest ways to explain karting as we understand it is the example of the pyramid: at the base, there are the youth and promotional activities; then the national level, and at the top: international. Unfortunately, today, this pattern is not in equilibrium and there is a concentration of unbalanced efforts towards the top of this pyramid with a progressive weakening of the basic or groundroundfloor activities. It is a sport for which national championships, the youth sector and even the most amateur activities are vital. Our sport must be accessible to ever more fans and with an adequate offer we can improve the situation a lot. It's important for us to be present in a qualified and competitive way in international races. We have a racing team and various partnerships with external teams to do it in the best way possible, but we also work a lot alongside our dealers engaged in national championships, in single-brand trophies, in view too of youth karting, the more amateur activities, and we also measure ourselves in the rental kart sector, which represents a very important user base in numerical terms."

The premier class of karting, from the outset, represented the highest sporting and technological expression of a constantly evolving discipline. The successes of Verstappen and De Conto in modern times, among others, have pushed CRG even further into the Olympus of this sport.

“Personally I'm a great supporter of the training effectiveness that KZ possesses before the transition to auto racing: the weight/power ratio, the overtaking action, the management of gearboxes, are fundamental, skills that only this category can transfer to young people and I remember well as it turned out to be a right choice for Verstappen to also do KZ in his last season in Karting.”

“Obviously the single-gear categories are fundamental in the first training or formative phases, in particular the Junior: they teach the driving technique, the action in the race, the fundamentals of the set up and introduce the kids to the working methods.”

And in ten years? What will karting be like? Tinini's vision fits perfectly with the best wishes for the four wheels of the future.

“I can say what I hope for in karting in the coming years and how much we will try to support as a company. As far as international karting is concerned, we're in favor of a World Championship that better identifies the maximum expression of our sport, which guarantees more visibility for the brands in the race and, therefore, a better return also in terms of the market. We are in favor of a championship over several races, easier for the public and sponsors to understand, as is the case for the major motorsport categories. I also hope for concrete rules to reduce costs and greater common sense regarding the placement of the Mini Kart. I am sure, however, that in the rental kart sector, electric karting will have an ever greater space and the know-how we have gained in this field will open up great opportunities for us.”

For the full interview, we refer you to the June 2019 edition of our magazine!

Interview: F. Marangon
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