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With the new MAAT 2.0 software, the functions available for data analysis increase thanks to the increasingly appreciated Starlane instrumentation.

Starlane's lap timer and data acquisition systems, the specific Corsaro K instrument, are increasingly appreciated by kart drivers. This is demonstrated by its ever growing popularity and use, especially (but not only) in the Mini categories where its qualities in terms of limited size and weight offered by this system are appreciated and valued even more favorably. In addition, the fact of its being wireless, totally without cables from the engine to the steering wheel, helps its practicality: besides ease of assembly, also a plus when moving from one kart to the next, when needed.

At the end of 2019, the software update also arrived; besides improving usability, the new MAAT 2.0 data analysis program also offers new functions; one we'd like to underscore relates to the so-called "highlights". In other words, it is possible to set, on any acquisition channel, one or more pre-set value-zones ​​that will be highlighted on graphs, using colors chosen by the user. The values can be highs and lows, or set between two reference values. To give an example - seen in the attached images - we can ensure that the temperature of the exhaust gases is highlighted when it exceeds a certain value; in this case when it is above 580° C.

In one case, vertical bands show the points on the graph where this value is exceeded; in the other case, the areas are highlighted directly on the circuit map. A further function is being able to set a specific "alarm" as well to highlight the areas concerned even more by means of red "warning" triangles. This, moreover, occurs already in the process of opening the files, as soon as the data has been downloaded, with immediate notification and the possibility of going directly to the points concerned. In short, Starlane does not fall asleep on its laurels and continues to develop its products in order to offer more and more functions to the numerous features already available.

Further info, with the possibility of directly downloading the new MAAT 2.0 software, can be found at www.starlane.it.

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