Cik-Fia clarifications on class 60

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The international sports authority specifies that the regulations for the new 60 Mini are technical but will not lead to international licenses for drivers.

At the end of January, the Cik-Fia published an official statement in which it better explains the regulation of the new 60 Mini class launched just this year. To be precise, even more than the rules themselves, it aims to clarify the reasons that led to the definition of this legislation. As you can read in the press release, it is pointed out that the main purpose of this legislation was to coordinate and unify the class with a single technical regulation, so as to avoid constructive differences between the Mini karts adopted in the various countries where they run. A uniformity that translates into an advantage for both producers and customers.

Felipe Massa himself (Cik-Fia President) specifies how important it is that the young drivers of the Mini class find themselves learning the basics of karting behind the wheel of vehicles with the same standard for everyone, and how this legislation can also facilitate those countries who want to introduce the category where it doesn't already run. It is also pointed out, however, that at the moment this does not mean that it is possible to reach Cik-Fia championships on a world-wide basis or a little less, also because at the moment there are no international licenses for drivers under the age of 12. For now, therefore, the 60 Mini will race nationally.

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