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A thumbs up, the Brazilian's first weekend of the OK season with Forza Racing.

Rafael Camara's weekend proved immediately positive despite a hampered qualifying session, closed in P5 for group C.

The time attack over, Camara showed himself able to fight back up to seventh place overall with a sixth, third and fifth place in the heats, valid for the fourth starting place of pre-final A.

In the pre-final, Rafael became one of the protagonist, thanks to his speed and taking advantage of several penalties of the drivers in front of him, thus finishing in first place overall.

In the category Final, Camara started from the front row, fought for the top five throughout the race. With a good pace found towards mid-race, the Brazilian crossed the finish line in P5, only to be penalized for the incorrect front spoiler positioning (final P11).

All in all, however, a positive weekend that bodes well for the WSK Super Master Series this weekend, again the Adria track.

Credits: Mario Perrucca


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