Manetti Motorsport on track for the 2020 Champions Cup

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After closing 2019 as the Rok Cup World Champions, Manetti Motorsport are back on track for the Champions Cup.

If 2019 reserved success and satisfaction in the Rok Cup field and beyond, 2020 by Manetti Motorsport is set for a new adventure, again on the prowl for results.

The injection of confidence given by Luca Bosco's results, especially with the victory of the Rok Super Final Shifter Rok 2019, has guaranteed the team an important place among the greats of the paddock. For the first appointment of 2020, Alessandro Manetti is back on track with the 60 Mini project and the American Xander Reed.

Although young, the American boasts the participation in the last Rok Cup finale and is ready to embark on the path of growth together with the team.

Official qualifying starts Friday, while the big fight is set for Saturday and Sunday with heats, pre-finals and finals. Stay tuned.

Credits: Sportinphoto


Stay tuned!
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