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With the first days of collective tests in Adria in preparation for the WSK, the 2020 season has officially come to life with the first glimpses of what's to come in the next few months.

There are also many technical innovations in 60 Mini. With the change in homologation, the 60 Mini category captured the spotlight at the start of this new season. The racing vehicles of the youngest drivers have undergone a variation not only on an aesthetic level with all the diversified fairings (already seen in Vroom in January), but also on the engine and, above all, at the level of performance.

Therefore, excluding the new front plastics, the Mini 2020 will be different in terms of engines as regards the new PVL and Selettra ignition system. The modification makes the cadet category more similar to OK and OKJ where the control unit and the coil are merged. Another difference will be represented by the new Dell'Orto carburettor which can be recognized by a different connection for petrol (in the photo).Download the list of chassis and engine approvals (and related accessories).


Great news also comes from the tire sector where the supplier Vega has presented a new compound that has varied - and by much - performance. In fact, many of the teams present speak of an improvement of 2 to 5 tenths with the slicks and even more with the rain. An increasingly faster 60 Mini with greater stability in the wet, and even more speed when cornering in the dry.


The new course of the 60 Mini thus seems to bring the category closer to the OKJ.

Simone Corradengo
Photo: Mario Perrucca

Created by: scorradengo - 21/01/20

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