How it’s made - How the RMC Grand Finals was born

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Helmut Voglsam explains us how the Grand Finals concept has born. We have to go back to 1997.

20 editions, many champions and a number of participants that has progressively increased. Today the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals is considered as one of the most famous karting competition, but did you ever ask how’s born?

Helmut Voglsam, Co-Founder of the RMC Grand Finals and Sales Rotax Karting, comes to answer to your question…

«After the launch of the Rotax MAX engine concept in 1997 the new features in karting like the on-board electric starter in combination with a centrifugal clutch defined a new market segment. The ease of use and outstanding durability of the MAX engine concept attracted quickly a broad customer base which was also interested in racing at controlled expenses». 

«The primary single brand race series with Rotax MAX engines has been organized by the kart track Speedworld/Austria. Manfred Weissgaerber (at that time Marketing/Rotax Karting) took the learnings from this single brand series and established official Sporting- and Technical Regulations.  This was the birth of a single brand racing series called Rotax MAX Challenge (RMC)». 

«At the distributor meeting 1999 in Paris we verified the marketing plan for the RMC with our network…».

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