RMC Euro Trophy, the final

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The moment of truth has arrived for the Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy drivers, who will fight for the crown and the Grand Finals ticket in Germany.

The Prokart Raceland will host the last act of the 2019 Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy.
After 3 rounds (2 counting for the championship and one “open” race) only one crown was assigned, we’re talking about the Senior MAX title that went to Mathilda Olsson (Strawberry Racing). 
In the other classes the event victories went to the home hero Wilgot Hedqvist, Mathilda’s teammate under the Strawberry awning, in Junior MAX, to Petr Bezel in DD2 and to Christophe Adams (Team La Putrel) in DD2 Masters.
But now the moment of truth has arrived. In Wackersdorf the new champions will be crowned and 6 tickets for the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals will be consigned.


Stay tuned!
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