Lewis Hamilton wants to change karting!

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Lewis Hamilton goes back to talking about kart racing and proposes himself to CIK. But is it useful?
Lewis Hamilton wants to change karting!

A guest on the "The Graham Norton Show", on the wave of winning his 6th Formula 1 world title, Lewis Hamilton returned to talking about karts.

In the era wherein karting is becoming increasingly more like Formula 1, but with miniature wheels, the British driver not only joined the chorus of other drivers - such as Sebastian Vettel, Antonio Giovinazzi, Nico Rosberg - on the excessive cost of the discipline, but also expressed his willingness to want to bring karting to more "human" levels in order to exhalt and focus on the driver's right foot and not ... the family's pockets.

"My father spent something like £ 20,000 and cut the house down several times in the early years," Hamilton told comedian Graham Norton. "Today, however, this has become unsustainable."

"The families of the middle class who are approaching karting are less and less; on the contrary, the billionaires are out of all proportion. I have a friend of mine who was almost in Formula 1 and then he was supplanted by a rich boy and so his dreams were broken."

Then the declarations of intent and the opening to the FIA ​​(and to the CIK): "I want to bring back the discipline to the origins. I would like to be involved by the FIA, since I think I can be useful to the cause."

Lewis, talk is cheap...

According to this writer, Lewis Hamilton's words are likely to be yet another message devoid of content – one of innumerable grand statements - by those who have reached the top. The various Vettels and Rosbergs have already mentioned the issue, but has anyone actually done something?

If nothing else, Felipe Massa has, in having gotten himself elected CIK President, yet even the Brazilian is struggling during his mandate, which is based on "promotion" rather than "reduction" (of costs) and this does nothing but increase general discontent.

I am convinced that it's not necessary to have won 6 world titles to understand that karting is an expensive sport, but it would certainly be more useful to act - less talk, more action, or as they say: put your money where your mouth is

And help foster new talent in and off the track, but for real. And then, just to be clear, just "yesterday" you weren't intent on fighting global warming? Just to say Lewis ... easy.

A. Giustini |  © photo: Daimler Media Pool

Created by: agiustini - 25/11/19

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