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The first images of the last "born" for the 60 Mini class produced by the OTK Kart Group have appeared on the internet. This is an important innovation as the Mini shall have a single and international homologation starting next year. Let's take a closer look.

First of all, there's the design of the chassis that has been completely renewed with the advent of the M8 specs, which we already find on the "big brother", that is, the 401 R.

The aerodynamic Nassau panel appeared on the gearboxed Tony Karts on the Naples International Circuit of Sarno for the WSK 2018 Master Series, this after being tested behind closed doors during the winter. 

The solution was a hit from the start, indeed became the mark of all OTK frames. Another important novelty is the new braking system, completely revised both in terms of performance and space optimization.

Finally, there's a new graphic kit, or livery, for the Tony Kart brand and the Kosmic. The latter presents a real break with the past. Compared to this past season's, the purple tends to be livelier, close to the white that in the past had already replaced the silver.

Expectations are high. Stay tuned. 

M.Alosa | AG Media


Stay tuned!
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