RMCGF 2019, Sarno - Qualyfing Practices

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Today the Qualifying Practices gave the first official results at the Circuito Internazionale Napoli.
RMCGF 2019, Sarno - Qualyfing Practices.

MICRO MAX - In the entry level category the Argentine Thiago Falivene was the fastest, followed by the American Ben Maier and the Australian Jay Urwin.

MINI MAX - French driver Andy Ratel was the faster, closely followed by the Australian Costa Toparis, the Austrian Raphael Rennhofer and the Dutch Jayden Thien.

JUNIOR MAX - The Australian Clay Osborne took pole position, with a lap time 63 thousandths faster than Charlie Wurz's one.
The other Australian Hugh Barter and the two Japanese Schu Dozono and Sakai Hitoshi are slightly more detached.

SENIOR MAX - The driver from Altavilla Vicentina Elia Galvanin set the fastest time, keeping the German Vincent France and the American Ryan Norberg at a safe distance.
The French Treillard De Qu Guillaume and the Romanian Daniel Vasile ended the top5.

DD2 - The Czech Petr Bezel set the pace in the qualifying heats, but will look over our shoulders from our Luca Munaretto, who “payed” a delay of only half a tenth. 
Follow the two Frenchmen Nicolas Picot and Lucas Joly, while the other Italian Cristian Trolese closes the top5.

DD2 MASTER - The Austrian Roberto Pesevski gets the pole in the DD2 Master against the Finnish Antti Ollikaine and the South African Nicholas Verheul.
In fourth and fifth position followed by the Argentine Matias Rodiguez and Henrijs Grube.

E-KARTS THUNDER - In electric karts, the Swiss Jasin Ferati broke the pole by more than three tenths against Jie Kao and Jort Coone.

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