Rotax offers the ideal option for young cadet-age drivers to begin their racing experience

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Gunskirchen, Austria, October 16th, 2019 – BRP-Rotax is proud to announce that for the upcoming season in 2020, it will introduce several upgrades to both the Micro MAX and Mini MAX engine configuration, which will achieve four main objectives: • Ease of use & installation • Less sensitive operation • More cost effective • Limit manipulation of components. These improvements further align the parity of the Rotax engine packages and ensure a more level playing field for our youngest RMC competitors.
Rotax offers the ideal option for young cadet-age drivers to begin their racing experience.

The MY20 (model year 2020) configuration will already be introduced in the Micro MAX and Mini
MAX classes at the RMC Grand Finals 2019 in Italy.

The conditions for the Micro and Mini drivers remain just as equal as before, with this being the first
time for all of them to use the race package.
Stefan Gruber, Manager Rotax Karting & OEM Business, RPS Business at BRP-Rotax firmly believes
the upgrades are ensuring an even better, optimised engine package for the younger members of the
Rotax family, “The improved Micro MAX and Mini MAX configurations have been extensively tested
throughout the summer and the drivers’ feedback has always been the same: the packages are fun and
easy to drive. From a mechanical point of view, it’s very easy to select the correct main jet and gear ra-
tio. With this configuration, it will assist competitors to find their optimum settings without losing vital
time and performance, plus it provides exceptional parity between engines. This will be a big benefit for
the new starters to the sport and will give us even closer, exciting racing!”

The Rotax philosophy of creating a level playing field for competitors to enjoy close and fair racing, re-
mains an important part of the direction the engine manufacturer takes when considering the best ways
to provide this for their customers. Of course, not everyone is racing at such a young age, but the ex-
pectation of being able to begin karting without any basic know-how is undoubtedly a priority, in order to
ensure the “fun” factor is not lost in a sport that can be more complicated than simple.

The 125 MAX engine range actually gives drivers the opportunity to progress from the baby of the class
– Micro MAX through Mini, Junior and Senior using the same engine with relevant upgrades. The main
advantage is naturally that the driver and mechanic understand the main fundamentals of Rotax. With
standardised regulations around the world, the majority of Rotax MAX Challenge events allow competi-
tors to participate with the Rotax products and accessories they are accustomed to.

The upgrades in detail:
The modified exhaust for both Micro MAX and Mini MAX is based on the original Micro package. An in-
let insert (carburettor throttle body restrictor) makes the carburettor less sensitive to different settings in
the jetting and gear ratios. This means choosing the correct main jet or sprocket, due to changes in
conditions, is not as crucial and does not result in a big difference in performance between the various
settings. It is also more effective with regards to the throttle response, which is especially helpful when
the young driver or even their mechanic is less experienced.

The Mini MAX will use the same smaller radiator as the Micro MAX does already. To upgrade from Mi-
cro to Mini, you only have to change the exhaust socket and the internal parts of the exhaust, change
the squish to Mini/Junior specification plus fit the new class-specific ECU, which is somewhat cheaper
and alternatively simpler than the current upgrade process is now. These components make the instal-
lation of the Mini MAX engine package much easier on the same regulation 950mm chassis. This is an-
other aspect that reduces the investment between the classes.

Rotax aims to minimise the cost for young drivers entering the sport with the smaller chassis and new
upgraded configuration. Ultimately, reducing the weight of the overall kart and engine package in the
Mini MAX category assists in increasing the safety aspect to a degree, that is, in many cases the initial
introduction to racing for a lot of young drivers. The light weight and smaller package makes it conse-
quently easier and more enjoyable for the newer driver as they continue to learn.

In addition, these upgrades will notably reduce the likelihood of the components (e.g. exhaust) being
manipulated to improve performance outside the RMC regulations.
Compared to other cadet-age categories, the Rotax Micro MAX & Mini MAX offer reduced workload –
service and maintenance – so cost of operation is therefore significantly lower. In general, this only
means there can be more time spent on track having fun to the MAX!

For more information about Rotax karting, please visit the webpage

Press Release by: Rotax Kart - 16/10/19

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