Manetti Motorsport is Rok World Champion with Luca Bosco!

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The 2019 Rok Superfinal closes in the best possible way for Manetti Motorsport with Luca Bosco's Rok Shifter title!

The South Garda Karting weekend certainly offered satisfactions and placements to Alessandro Manetti's team, engaged as it was in four categories.

Shifter Rok - Luca Bosco is Champion!
In the premier class, Luca Bosco had set a fast pace right from the start with Thursday's pole position in 47.260 and the pole of group A. During the direct heats, the Italian then fought with the best and managed to win two of the three finals plus a second placement, valid for the first starting line of the finale. During the Rok Shifter Final, Bosco started well and immediately took command of the race, only to have to deal with Squaranti and Fusco. After twenty laps of close fighting, constantly in the podium area, Luca Bosco made the final victory his with a clever move on the first two. He thus wins the Rok Shifter International Champion title, this after winning the “Autumn” trophy the previous weekend, and having had to recover from the arm injury sustained in the FIA ​​KZ2 weekend.

In the Shifter Rok, a combative weekend also for Nicolas Saenz, fifteenth in the Vortex trophy.


Mini Rok - Sorensen one step from the podium
In the Mini Rok, the weekend had immediately smiled at Kai Sorensen, author of the absolute pole and of group A. The American quickly proved to be fast and managed to win two heats out of three exactly like his companion Sebastian Garzon, equally consistent. In the final for the title, the two drivers fought hard in the first positions but then an inevitable contact knocked Garzon aside, finishing 18th at the end and a podium conquered on the track by Sorensen was taken away due to a front spoiler penalty. Not the final the team hoped for, but still very much in contention all weekend. Good fifth place for Enzo Deligny in the Singha trophy, while Xander Reed has an unlucky retirement.

Rok Expert - Plus - Matos and Cevallos in top ten
In the category of the most experienced drivers, good performances by Jorge Matos with eleventh position in Rok Expert, eighth place for Jorge Ceballos in the hard-fought Expert Plus, retirement for Ernesto Ramia.

Rok Senior - Bad luck for Ptáčková
Tackling the challenging Rok Senior, Sona Ptáčková fought throughout the weekend, unfortunately closing with a retirement in the OMP trophy.

Manetti Motorsport thanks all the staff, technical partners and sponsors.

Credits: Sportinphoto/Marianella Gonzalez

Press Release by: Manetti Motorsport - 14/10/19

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