Weekend full of fights for Tom Braeken in the BNL round finale

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Tom Braeken proved his talent in a wet weekend in Genk in the last act of the BNL Karting Series.

Tom Braeken fought hard in the last round of the BNL Karting Series in Genk.

At "The Home of Champions", the SP Motorsport standard-bearer found himself dealing with an extremely competitive category, with drivers fighting for the access ticket to the Grand Finals, along with especially prohibitive weather conditions.

In the combined two-day standings, Braeken finished in 15th place after a two-day uphill battle. Especially in the first day the Belgian showed his talent taking a 6th place in the Final 2 after being started from P21 with a 15 positions gain. In a wet second day he tried to stay far from trouble in a difficult weather condition.

Tom Braeken, SP Motorsport: «It was a very difficult weekend in terms of weather, however, I think I defended myself well. It's not easy to find the limit with such complex conditions, but in any case I can be satisfied, especially for the big comeback in the Final 2. I make a treasure of this experience for upcoming races.»

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