Manetti Motorsport wins the Autumn Trophy with Luca Bosco

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On the occasion of the Autumn Trophy, Manetti Motorsport runs practise trials for the 2019 Rok Superfinal! Luca Bosco triumphs in the Shifter Rok, good placings in Mini and Expert Rok.

Trofeo d’Autunno weekend brought Manetti Motorsport back on track with excellent results in view of the upcoming races. In the Shifter Rok class, Luca Bosco indeed impressed fans and insiders with his prompt recovery after his injury in the KZ2 World Championship. Bosco found his pace immediately, snatching pole position of the group on Saturday with a time of 47.312.

In the final stage on Sunday, Luca Bosco matched expectations by winning the category pre-final after a long struggle for the top positions, securing the pole position for the Final. In the decisive race, Bosco waved his rivals goodbye right from the start, dominating the race, and cutting across the finish line in first place, arms to the sky in victory.

In the Mini Rok, convincing results for the young protagonists of the Rok Finale. After a good qualifying and rather hard-fought category heats, in Final A it was Kai Sorensen to obtain the best position with the sixth total position after as many as eleven overtakes compared to his starting position. The same goes for Sebastian Garzon with eight overtakes to boast of and P11 at the end of the race. Despite not qualifying, Reed and Deligny put in a good weekend, great for preparing the Rok event.

Finally, in Expert Rok and Plus there were good placements in the Final B with Jorge Matos in third place and P5 for Pablo Cevallos in the Plus group.

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