RGMMC launched Champions of the Future

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Champions of the Future is a new series by RGMMC based on CIK categories.

2020 will be a very busy year for the European karting drivers and teams, RGMMC launched a new international series called Champions of the Future.

It’s a 3 races-based championship that will include all the international classes, OKJ, OK and KZ2 plus the 60 Mini (thing as result of the new category homologation). 

The championship will start in Wackersdorf (GER), from 12 to 15 March, then will continue in Zuera from 2 to 5 April and it will end in Kristianstad from 25 to 28 June. 

RGMMC President James Geidel has explained us the reason behind this new series.

What’s aim of the series? To offer a sort of first taste of international races?

«The idea is to give the market another chance to get into the cik classes and try out ok. As at the moment if you want to try ok you have to join directly the FIA races DKM or WSK. Which apart from the FIA it’s all based in Germany and Italy. A lot of teams want to try the ok but need another platform to do so». 

Is the presence of the Mini linked to a possible future implementation of the mini itself in the FIA Karting champs? (A sort of “test”) or the things are completely separed?

«As we do the IAME Euro Series we notice that the mini is really growing and we think we should also promote the class how it’s homologated by CIK from next year and open that market also for those stakeholders».

How did RGMMC decided the locations? Are them linked to 2020 FIA Karting calendar?

«The calendar is based on 3 rounds because the calendars are already really full so makes no sense todo a 6 round series. With 3 it’s also easy for teams thinking to try ok to commit to 3 rounds. Of course Germany and Sweden are already well established with Cik classes and we have good relationship with those countries. Plus Italy already have so many events doesn’t make sense to go for the first year. As for Spain we already work with the Spanish federation and it’s a good way to demonstrate the class».

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