2020 WSK calendar unveiled

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WSK Promotion has released the 2020 Racing Calendar, confirming the WSK Euro Series and the night event of Adria.

WSK Promotion has revealed the 2020 Race Calendar betting again on the same trophies of this year. As always, the season will start with the collective test on January 18 and 19 on the Adria Karting Raceway. 

The kick off is planned the following week (26 January) with the WSK Champions Cup. February and March hold 4 events: the WSK Super Master Series, starting in Adria on 2 February, and again in Lonato on 23 February.

The circus will then move to southern Italy, first in La Conca on 8 March, and then in Sarno on 22 March. 

Unlike this season, the WSK Euro Series will be completely set in Italy with three rounds: Sarno (29 March), Adria (26 July), Lonato (7 June). The season will end with 2 trophies. 

The WSK Open Cup, another three-round series: the Open Cup will start in Adria (20 September), Castelletto di Branduzzo (11 October), Lonato (22 November), and the WSK Final Cup (29 November).

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