Sebastian Vettel: “Karting costs too much!”

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In a press conference at the F1 German GP, the Ferrari driver spoke of the problem of introducing young people to the world of racing.

Before every Formula 1 Grand Prix, a press conference with a few drivers is traditionally held: at the race in Germany of course there was also Sebastian Vettel, as a German driver along with Nico Hulkenberg. Among the various questions that journalists in the room addressed to Seb, there was one articulated as follows: “Now there is a lot of interest in Mick Schumacher in Formula 2, but after him there don’t seem to be many young German talents: what do you think is the reason? Perhaps motorsports and Formula 1 are no longer as challenging as they used to be?”
Vettel's answer was very interesting from our point of view as kartists: “I don’t think the interest has diminished, even if obviously when Michael (Schumacher, ed) won it was at its maximum.  As regards the future, the general picture must be looked at: the Germans are quite simple in the way they spend their money and unfortunately in the 'junior' races, starting from karting and then in the successive series, it's all too expensive.”
Vettel also let himself go to a bit of nostalgia and remembers the times of his karting in which he ran with Hulkenberg, before even arriving to win the 2001 European Championship in 100 Junior: “Nico and I enjoyed karting and racing against each other. But if we were to find ourselves doing it today, I think our career would have stopped soon enough, because we simply wouldn’t have money in our pocket to do it!” A not so slight condemnation for current karting, this from a 4-time F1 World Champion…
He goes on to propose his small and simple recipe: “So, overall, I think that to allow more children, boys and girls to start running, this sport should be much cheaper, because currently I think it's too expensive and unthinkable for most of them.”
What do you think of Sebastian Vettel’s statements? What more could be added on the subject? The position of Vroom in regard to his statement we think has always been clear, but that a driver by now in the Olympus of motor racing also expresses such thoughts as regards karting current situation, and feels it his duty to be so peremptory on the matter, is at the very least symptomatic.
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Created by: cggiuliano - 08/08/19

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