Lena Buhler between fitness and motorsport

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The Swiss driver is preparing for her second part of the season in the Swiss Championship where she currently leads the standings!

As we have always said, training is important to achieve results and become professional drivers not only behind the wheel.

Lena Buhler talks about her season and her experience with 321 Perform!

- Lena, how's it going this season?
The season is going well. We have reduced kart racing because we have other projects by the end of the year and next year. - What are your plans for 2019? The first goal would be to win the Swiss Championship. I remain focused on this one goal for the moment. For the future nothing is planned yet we have projects and we will see by the end of the year.

- How important is the gym in motorsport?
Train for the sport for me it's very important to prepare the training and the races, work the physical and the cardio necessary to be at the top physically. I spend a lot of time there because of a lack of budget. I cannot always train on the circuits.

- What are you workouts?
Now I train at 321 Perform where many professionals drivers train (Esteban Ocon, Sebastien Ogier, Tatiana Calderon, Alex Albon). I have a program that is suited to me on things where I have to work the most. We work on the physique, endurance, speed, coordination, vision and more. The follow up is constantly done to be always strong and it's great.

- What do you expect from the future?
We all have dreams in our heads. My goal is to become a professional driver, of course. We must be aware that in motorsport it is very hard. But I work and will always give the best of me to succeed. I remain focused on my current goals and for what's next, the information will be forthcoming in a few months.

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