New Olie Graphics helmet for Tom Braeken

- Paddock
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Olie Graphics painted a new helmet for Tom Braeken.

Rob Olierook has designed the helmet with which Tom Braeken will approach the next step in his career: the 125cc Junior class.

This is the third helmet that Braeken has commissioned to Olie Graphics. The producer is Bell and the colors maintain the traditional scheme of the Belgian flag, that is black, yellow and red.
Compared to the old paint-scheme, the yellow is present in a more substantial way, especially on the sides of the chin guard.

Rob Olierook, Olie Graphics Founder«This is the 3rd helmet we have painted for Tom. The colors scheme is based on the Belgium flag. Tom is a young driver and we are happy to work with him from his first customized helmet. We hope that Tom will stay with Olie Graphics for the rest of his racing career.»

Tom Braeken: «I’m fulfilled by Rob’s work. He painted all my helmets and every time the amazement is like the first time. He know how to give a unique style on his works and that’s the reason why I’ve chosen him.»


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