FIA Euro, Le Mans – Heats

- Races
The last weekend of the year comes alive with the fight of the heats on the Le Mans track!

Heat B-D: Beganovic
Heat C-F: Smal
Heat A-E: Pauwels
Heat B-C: Beganovic
Heat D-E: Turney
Heat A-F: Pauwels
Heat C-E: Haverkort
Heat B-F: Porter
Heat A-D: Pauwels
Heat B-E: Beganovic
Heat D-F: Minì
Heat A-C: Smal

Heat B-D: Partyshev
Heat C-F: Amand
Heat A-E: Lindblad
Heat B-C: Dunne
Heat D-E: Antonelli
Heat A-F: Lindlabd
Heat C-E: Zilish
Heat B-F: Ugochukwu
Heat A-D: Stenshorne
Heat B-E: Ugochukwu
Heat D-F: Wharton
Heat A-C: Stenshorne

Credits: FM Images


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