Vroom redoes its look, and here's the new website!

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With the intention of always keeping up with the times and offering you a cutting-edge product, we are pleased to present our new website!

The change of look launches the Vroomkart.it and Vroomkart.com portals into a completely new dimension with a completely different design, modified according to the needs that a frenetic world like karting requires.

Staying true to our colors (black and red in this case), the new Vroom portal presents itself with the inevitable "slide-show" where you can find all the latest news, from the race reports to the news of and from the paddock.

Scrolling through the page, the first of the big new items, designed for all of you readers with the latest Vroom covers, directly linked to the monthly issues that you can re-consult and re-order also in web format on the pocketmags portal.
As mentioned, ample space is given to all the news with the news in the foreground and to all the press releases of our partners, widely visible with a box and a page entirely dedicated to them, accessible from the main menu under "Press Releases".

In order not to miss even one appointment, the countdown to the next weekend to follow on our channels, such as the FIA OK and OKJ season finals. Interviews, technical articles and in-depth studies conclude a richer than ever package for all the readers of the web and beyond.

The platform is clearly available also in mobile format on your smartphone, tablet devices, etc.

With the desire to continue to be a reference point for the world of karting, we wish you a great read on our new platforms, without forgetting the social networks of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Vroom Kart Editorial Staff

Created by: scorradengo - 10/07/19

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