FIA Euro Kristianstad – Manche results

- FIA Karting European Champhionship
On the Kristianstad track, all the drivers present fought in the heats program. Below are the results.

Manche B-D Travisanutto
Manche C-F Minì
Manche A-E Patterson
Manche B-C Travisanutto
Manche D-E Coluccio
Manche A-F Patterson
Manche C-E Minì
Manche B-F Hiltbrand
Manche A-D Patterson
Manche B-E
Manche D-F
Manche A-C

Manche B-D Taponen
Manche C-F Bedrin
Manche A-E Antonelli
Manche B-C Taponen
Manche D-E Victorson
Manche A-F Bedrin
Manche C-E Pasiewicz
Manche B-F Taponen
Manche A-D Antonelli
Manche B-E
Manche D-F
Manche A-C

Credits: FIA


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