Maya Weug starts from Sweden

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The Spanish driver will be at the starting blocks of Kristianstad for the number three round of the OK European.

Maya Weug, after the almost entirely new – for her - tracks of Angerville and Genk, returns to Kristianstad where last year she took part in the OKJ World.

Much is expected from the driver of the Richard Mille Young Talent Academy given her experience on a track she already knows and her great desire to make up for the past weekend in Genk. In fact, Maya Weug proved once again to be fast in the heats, unfortunately shut out from the top positions due to various problems.

Hence, experiences and her desire for redemption, as mentioned, will therefore serve Weug to regain – and show - her competitive edge.

Appointment thus tomorrow with the official qualifications, Saturday the direct heats and the category final on Sunday.

Credits: Fotocar13


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