Tillotson T4 Series: Success at White River Park

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As part of the Motorsport Ireland Karting Championship, the Tillotson T4 Series completed its launch weekend with a strong number of drivers, spectators, fans showcasing plenty of close tight racing on the track.

The Tillotson mono-brand series did not disappoint and was an absolutely fun and at the same time challenging weekend at the White River Park. The track was spectacular in design, worthy of a series that aims to be innovative and a definitely new frontier for low-cost affordable karting.

As mentioned, the T4 Series immediately wanted to make things clear by proposing itself as an economical series, yet fun, thrilling and professional at the same time. It should be remembered that despite the engine being a 4-stroke, hence relatively low power, the combined package of the lightweight chassis, engine, brakes and slick tires makes the series very high-level - absolutely comparable to the characteristics of real Karting especially at the wheel, that is, the driving itself. A simple package which is well-made for those who wish to start in karting, thanks to the concept that is easy to understand and designed for non-professionals.

As for the race, the weekend saw many known names from the International Karting paddocks including Felipe Braga (Brazil), Paul David (France), Niall Quinn (Ireland), Mikko Laine (Finland) and Cheryl Murphy (Ireland). The guest stars of the event fought together and alongside drivers of the series that gave life to a weekend of competitive racing.

After the Saturday of free practice and tests, Sunday was race day with the last free practices, heats and main final. The heats races were won by David and Braga which made for excitement building to the main event. During the Final, Felipe Braga and Paul David put on a great show in their battle for victory and were almost upset by a T4 Series regular Alan Carberry (Ireland) in a race fought right to the end. Felipe Braga triumphed before rival Paul David and home idol Carberry in 3rd.

Hence, a positive and absolutely successful weekend for the new wholly Tillotson-brand series. The T4 Series sets the next date for this weekend, but there's more: in the next issue of Vroom, there will be many exclusive contents including the track tests we had the pleasure of making.

Simone Corradengo
Credits: Marc Quinlivan

Created by: scorradengo - 29/05/19

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