Maya Weug struggles but puts up a fight in Belgium

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The Spanish driver closed a competitive weekend, despite the missed qualification for the category finale.

Maya Weug, of the Richard Mille Young Talent Academy, had started the category qualifications well with P5 of group C.

Making the most of her starting position, Maya became the protagonist throughout the category heats, even occupying the absolute top positions. At the end of the program, held Saturday and Sunday, the Spaniard closed with an eighth place, a sixth, a 17th, 19th and a 14th position.

With the sum of the points, however, Maya Weug just missed out qualifying for the category final by only a few positions, thus ending the weekend.

A result that obviously does not satisfy the Richard Mille Academy driver but she leaves with some positive reflections for Sweden, scheduled in just two weeks on the Kristianstad circuit.

Credits: Fotocar13


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