Tom Braeken with SP Motorsport to prepare him for Junior

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Tom Braeken and SP Motorsport together to prepare the Junior class.
Tom Braeken with SP Motorsport to prepare him for Junior.

Important news for the future of Tom Braeken, who will be joined by SP Motorsport to better prepare the next step in his career: the Junior class.

For Braeken the first part of 2019 was very prolific in terms of gaining experience since, together with the Baby Race team, he took part in all WSK Promotion races in 60 Mini. This allowed him to learn about those circuits, including Lonato and Adria, as well as Muro Leccese and Sarno, on which numerous Junior class races , are held.

Enriching with this wealth of experience, Braeken returned to Belgium, to Genk, where, along with Stan Pex, he began the journey of approaching the Junior. At the age of 10, Tom will be one of the youngest of the lot; young yes, but without doubts about competing against bigger and more experienced rivals in the category. In addition to Stan Pex (Driver Coach), Debby Hanssen will play an important role as a sportscoach.

They are important figures for a driver about to head into the Junior class. This change of program will allow the young Belgian to get more and better prepared, and immediately aim high.

Stan Pex: «I am happy to guide Tom in this important period for his career and I believe the right time has come to make this step. Obviously it will not be easy; that said, his willpower will help him to overcome the initial pitfalls. We have started on the track and I am already satisfied with his progress. He is one who never gives up.»

Debby Hanssen (Debsports): «I see him driving at the WSK series. He is fast and has a lot of potential to be a good racing driver. As a sports coach, I guide him mentally and physically. I have a Sport Academy center which is specialized in working with race drivers. I take care that Tom will be fit, focused and well concentrated. He will be training every week with me in my Sport Academy center. We will work on his physical condition, muscles, focus and concentration. Also he gets medical tests to look after his body, especially because he is so young.»

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Press Release by: Tom Braeken - 08/05/19

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