2013 Kart World Championship, a F1 podium

- Close Up
Max Verstappen (Crg / Tm), Charles Leclerc (Art Gp / Tm) and Jordon Lennox (Crg / Parilla), on the KZ world podium. (© photo m. nicoletti)

Of course who could have imagined that these two drivers, then aged 15, would then find themselves dueling in F1? Yet even in karting they left their mark by demonstrating their speed, their skills and more, qualities that are also distinguishing them in F1. Verstappen, in particular, in 2013 made the first triplet in the history of karting and of CRG, claiming the European title in KF and KZ to then end the season with the KZ laurel. Leclerc, at his first experience with geared karts, after winning the KF2 podium the year before, in Varennes immediately showed himself to be fast and knowing how to use his head, masterfully keeping the Brit Lennox behind.
On that occasion, we remember, in the starting line-up of the KZ world championship there were names of excellence in the category. Starting with Ardigò, Hayek, De Conto, Foré as well as Cesetti, Dreezen, Pex, Lammers, Hanley, De Brabander, Kozlinski, Abbasse, Federer, Iglesias ... in short, the top drivers of the geared class that entered their names in the palmares of the CIK FIA.


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